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AVC Urban Rescue Provider Course

Professional rescue training program was created according to international standards. Students who successfully pass the exams receive certificates.

AVC Urban Survival Course

A unique training and simulation program designed for the general public by specialists in psychology and active staff of special operation forces. The program aims to prepare students on all survival levels in urban areas.

AVC Vehicle convoy tactics

Training course for defense and security professionals. The course program includes the aspects of vehicle convoys tactics and their safety. Admission to the course is made after an individual interview.

EMSA Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC)

Tactical Emergency Casualty Care basic course is designed by Emergency Medical Services Authority for professionals who may be confronted with the emergency casualty care in police and special operations.

ITLS Advanced Provider Course

Professional Development Course by International Trauma Life Support for healthcare professionals aims to introduce up-to-date trauma assistance techniques according to the latest protocols and teamwork algorithms.

ITLS Pediatric Provider Course

International Trauma Life Support internationally recognized course on helping children with trauma. The course program is designed to take into account the specific features of helping the child. The course includes theoretical and psychomotor components.

ITLS Provider Course

International Trauma Life Support intensive two-day course in trauma care. The course is intended for students without medical education. The course includes theoretical and psychomotor components.