AVC int. is a worldwide training operator for security professionals, government agencies and military.

Our instructors are veterans of special units from Lithuania, UK, USA, Germany, Ukraine, Brazil, Israel. Each of them has experience in numerous combat and training operations.

AVC int. trains specialists in more than 20 specialties taught in 72 curricula courses. Cooperating with government agencies, we have an opportunity to conduct practical training using best training grounds and educational institutions in Europe.

Our instructors conduct training sessions for units from the UK, Lithuania, USA, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Germany, etc.

AVC int. is involved into development of training programs and professional methodologies with NAEMT, ERC, EUSECA, Pearson BTEC, IPFA. Our team takes part on a regular basis as co-organizers and judges at local and international competitions.

Using experience from all over the world we have created a unique multidisciplinary training center in Kyiv, Ukraine which can provide up to 50 students simultaneously. Classes are conducted using modern interactive technologies with a fully controlled learning environment.


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